Sunday, June 17, 2012

Martinique at Abacoa

Home Sweet Home.. As I moved into Martinique at Abacoa in Novemeber of 2011, I have learned to grow and enjoy living here. Don't get me wrong getting settled in took time, and we did a lot in the beginning. We built a pool, put up a fence, changed all the flooring, and made it a home for our family of 4. Coming from the river in Tequesta, we knew we would miss our view and our best friend neighbors, but I was just ready for a change. Being in real estate I have seen it all, I have been in many homes, and seen almost every neighborhood here in Palm Beach Florida. I like to move around a lot, but this was the first move with kids, so I think I might stay a while!

In the last few months, we have made many friends, and everyone has been very nice and welcoming. We have great neighbors and we love being close to everything. Our Divosta built home so far has been well constructed and we are happy with everything we have seen so far.

If you have questions about moving to Abaoca or need help finding a home, don't be shy to call, as if I tell you the story about how I found my home in here you would know what a true real estate pro I am. As many people don't understand, the market in Abacoa here in Jupiter is hot and there is not much coming on the market.. You have to be quick and know the models!

Needless to say if you need to find a good contracter, landscaper, pool guy, whomever, I have them all as well...

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